About Us

The Nashik Film Festival commends cinema like just New Orleans can, with metal groups, second-line marches, delectable nourishment for each filmmaker. It’s a city known the world over for its cordiality—and it’s likewise a city that realizes how to party. NISFFI is no special case, yet we never dismiss what we’re celebrating: energizing new films from striking, energetic storytellers.

Welcome to Nashik Short Film Fest

Nashik Short Film Festival is an autonomous film festival that puts the focus on short films – a class that sadly doesn’t get the standard consideration it needs. We acknowledge entries from around the globe and urge you to bring the excursion down-under to celebrate with your film and commitment with us.

NISFFI’s objective is centered around rousing directors, screenwriters, actors, and producers to make films and offer them with individual film creators and industry experts. A definitive objective is to carry introduction to Independent and Exceptional filmmakers.

The Festival presents a unique opportunity for our local community, tourists, and the next generation of talented filmmakers from around the world to experience the true spirit of the creative film-making process.

Nashik Short Film Festival connects global filmmakers with audiences in a diverse, culturally vibrant community by presenting films and year-round programs that engage, entertain and educate through the power of visual storytelling.

We accept all types of short films, which for us includes music videos. Our festival prides itself on its range. It’s our mission to present the widest possible scope of content. Go to our Filmfreeway or Festhome page to submit your short Films.

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Eventic Managements

Submissions are only accepted through Filmfreeway https://filmfreeway.com/nashikfest

Email nashikfest@gmail.com